Some Windows 8.1 PCs Are Still Suffering from Limited or No Wi-Fi Connectivity

Users complain that Microsoft has failed to fix this issue

Windows 8.1 was officially launched in October, but the public launch was affected by quite a lot of issues, many caused by incompatibility problems with some of the installed drivers.

Several users have reported limited or no Wi-Fi connectivity, a bug that previously affected Surface tablet, but now became a widespread issue also targeting PCs and other tablets.

Fast-forward two months after launch and users are getting the same errors, with many turning to the official Microsoft Community forums to express their frustration.

Here’s what some Windows 8.1 adopters are writing on the forums:

“Two brand new HP notebooks, and two apple computers. Upgraded the bios, rebooted, updated the NIC drivers, (as HP phone helpdesk said to do) upgraded the cisco E4200 router firmware. No matter if pc's are set to sleep, reboot or powered off, issue happens.

It happens less on the HP notebook, but the wireless setting are the same on the other HP. Issue wasn't as bad on Windows 8 but after 8.1 it is constantly not connecting without many tried of disconnect, reconnect, reenter the password. The router has been reset a couple times and the cable modem has been reset.”

“I ran into the same issue described in the thread. I use Windows 8.1, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (ASUS UX31A) and DLink (DIR-655) wireless router. I think it's a combination of both Intel and Microsoft issue. None of the configuration tricks work for me (rollback driver, disable 802.11n/Bluetooth/power save, etc.).”

“I feel bad for buying new laptop and especially using windows 8. I have new dell laptop, Wi-Fi was dropping intermittent. I upgraded to windows 8.1 thinking it might fix the issue. Think what, now I can't connect at all. I am decided to get out of Windows 8.”

Microsoft has apparently acknowledged the problem, but instead suggested only vague workarounds that do not seem to fix the issues on Windows 8.1 tablets or PCs.

Of course, everyone calls for the company to release a patch as soon as possible and we have reached out to Microsoft to learn more about this, so we’ll update the article when and if we get an answer.

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