Lead Found in Lipstick Considered a Threat to One's Mental Health

Study finds traces of lead in lipstick, argues that the exposure can affect one's IQ

According to a new study carried out by specialists working with Underwriters Laboratories (i.e. an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization), some of the lipstick brands women opt for on a regular basis contain traces of lead.

This might not be such a problem if it were not for the fact that lead more often than not toys with one's mental health, especially if an individual becomes exposed to significant concentrations of this harmful chemical compound.

After testing and analyzing samples taken from 22 lipstick brands, the researchers found that 12 of them contained lead.

As far as concentrations go, it seems that the highest levels of lead found in these samples were somewhere around 3.22 parts per million, Daily Mail reports.

This basically means that roughly 55% of the brands of lipstick taken into consideration for this study are likely to impact on the mental wellbeing of the person who happens to use them.

Dr. Sean Palfrey, presently employed as medical director for the Boston Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, wished to emphasize the fact that, “What we know now is that even the lowest levels of lead can harm your IQ, your behavior, your ability to learn.”

Backing up Dr. Sean Palfrey's opinion, Janet Nudelman of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics made a case of how, “Clearly the concerning part is that more than half of the lipsticks do contain lead, but half of them don’t, proving that it’s possible to manufacture a lipstick without lead.”

None of the specialists who took part in this investigation agreed to disclose any information concerning the brands of lipstick they used in their study.

Thus, they simply said that they more or less randomly selected various brands and colors they found in stores across the USA.

For the time being, the US Food and Drug Administration has yet to recommend an upper limit when it comes to how much lead cosmetics may contain.

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