Some Dogs, Cats Get Their Vocal Chords Cut by Veterinarians

Online petition demands that the practice be banned all across the US

In order to better cope with having to share their home with pets, some cat and dog owners resort to asking a veterinarian to cut these animals' vocal chords.

As one can easily imagine, this is done to keep them from meowing or barking.

Those who approve of devocalization, as this procedure is called, argue that it allows some families to hold on to their otherwise noisy pets.

By having their vocal chords removed, they can avoid complaints from neighbors and sleep soundly through the night.

However, there are many who claim that this removal of the cat's or dog's vocal chords is basically mutilation.

An online petition started by two animal lovers who have recently adopted two dogs which lost their “voice” in this manner now asks that the American Veterinary Medical Association outlaw this practice all across the US.

For the time being, devocalization is only outlawed in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Those wishing to sign the petition can do so here.

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