Some Dell Shareholders Unhappy About Private Buyout Reuters

The stock company is worth more than what Dell's offering, they say

Dell's private buyout has ruffled quite a few feathers, and has made certain rival companies speak out (HP being particularly condemning). With that in mind, it isn't so shocking to hear shareholders have their complaints as well.

Reuters reports that shareholders think they should be paid more per share than the $13.65 / 10.09 Euro they were offered.

They think $20-24 / 14.94-17.93 Euro would be a much more appropriate price.

In fact, Harris Associates LP, Yacktman Asset Management, and Pzena Investment Management LLC all want to contest the $24.4 buyout offer (18 billion Euro). They have allied with Southeastern to do so.

On that note, Southeastern (the top independent shareholder for those unfamiliar with it) thinks that shareholders would benefit more if Dell was broken up and sold unit by unit.

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