SolusOS 1.2 Legacy Features Firefox 15

It also includes Thunderbird 15.0 and Linux kernel 3.0.0

Ikey Doherty proudly announced yesterday, September 2nd, the immediate availability for download of Legacy Edition of his SolusOS 1.2 Linux operating system.

SolusOS 1.2 is the second maintenance release of the 1.x branch of the SolusOS distribution, bringing better GPU, bluetooth and printer support, as well as many system-wide optimisations and fixes.

"The SolusOS team is pleased to announce the release of SolusOS 1.2. This is a maintanence release for the Eveline 1.x series."

"You can now download for 32-bit PAE or non-PAE, or 64-bit computers. This legacy release brings support for users of older chipsets or problematic hardware (such as nForce, Broadcom, etc.)." - said Ikey Doherty in the release announcement for SolusOS 1.2 Legacy.

Highlights of SolusOS 1.2 Legacy:

· Linux kernel 3.0.0-ck1-solusos (with BFS/preempt/no dyn ticks/1000Hz);

· Mozilla Firefox 15.0;

· Mozilla Thunderbird 15.0;

· LibreOffice 3.6.0;

· GNOME 2.30;

· Pidgin 2.10;

· VLC Media Player 2.0.1;

· iptables 1.4.8;

· ufw 0.31.1;

· HPLIP 3.12;

· Added new apps in the software repositories.

There are a couple of known issues for this release of SolusOS, so make sure you read the official release notes first.

SolusOS 1.2 Legacy  is distributed as Live DVD ISO images of about 1 GB in size, with support for both 32-bit PAE and non-PAE, as well as 64-bit architectures.

Review image
SolusOS 1.2 boot splash screen

About SolusOS

SolusOS is a modern Linux distribution based on the Debian mammoth. It has support for modern hardware, up-to-date applications, and everything else works out-of-the-box.

SolusOS tries to be a lightweight Linux operating system, suitable for both new and old machines. It requires both PAE and non-PAE capable i686 CPU or 64-bit CPU, 512 RAM and 3 GB of free hard drive space.

Download SolusOS 1.2 Legacy right now from Softpedia.

Download SolusOS 1.2 and 2 Alpha 5 right now from Softpedia.

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