Solidoodle 3D Printers Become $100 / €100 Cheaper

They also get the upgraded extruders like on the fourth generation machines

So far, the only reason we've been able to write about 3D printers is because everyone making a new one tries their best to make them so. Now, however, we get to see the first wave of big price cuts in this field.

To make a long story short, Solidoodle has announced that most, if not all, if its 3D printers will become cheaper by $100 / €100 effective immediately (exchange rates notwithstanding).

Made doubly amazing when you take into account the fact that Solidoodle was among the first companies to even offer 3D printers at under $500 / €500 price. It happened back in 2011.

One of those printers, the Solidoodle Second Generation Base, now has a tag of $399 / €399 instead of $499 / €499. And that's just one of four price cuts. The Second Generation Pro is getting one too, from $500 / €599 to $499 / €499.

The Solidoodle Third Generation printer is more affordable now also, having gone from $699 / €699 to $599 / €599. Finally, the Fourth Generation printer is going from $999 / €999 to $699 / €699. Double the price cut, in other words.

As extra incentive to acquire one of the 3D printers, old or new, the company has equipped them all with its bets extruders, which were only available on the Fourth Generation before today.

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