Solar Panels Make a Man's Home Feel like a “Prison”

Giant renewable energy plant won't let Grahan Cowley enjoy his retirement

An elderly man named Graham Cowley now claims that, regardless of the many benefits that environmental and financial green energy sources may bring, the fact remains that solar panels and wind turbines are soon to make his home feel like a prison.

This is because his Hill Farm House in Crowland, south Lincolnshire, England is to have 500 acres of solar panels and five wind turbines installed all around it.

According to Daily Mail, some of these green-energy harvesting devices will be erected just 100 yards (0,05 miles / 0.09 kilometers) away from his bungalow, and security fences will also work their way into the landscape.

Some might argue that Graham Cowley should have taken these development plans into consideration prior to his choosing to buy this home and moving in.

However, it seems he only found out about the city council's plans to invest in this giant renewable energy plant eight months after he had already settled in.

“My views are going to be completely spoiled. I will look out of my house to see solar panels, huge wind turbines practically in my garden, and they want to install CCTV cameras,” Graham Crowley commented with respect to this green plant.

“I may as well commit a crime and go to jail as I would probably have a better quality of life. This is not a case of 'not in my back yard'. It is a huge solar and wind farm surrounding my bungalow,” the outraged man went on to add.

Despite Graham Crowley's having spent ₤225,000 ((€278,790 / $360,857) on his property, which will now become worthless, none of the local officials bothered to offer him either a compensation, or the possibility to relocate in another part of England.

“I am in favor of renewable energy but the council has tons of other land where they could build this farm,” this father of three wished to emphasize.

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