Software Update Now Available for Motorola ATRIX HD

It packs various bug fixes, enhancements and security improvements

Mobile phone maker Motorola has started to deliver a new software update for its Motorola ATRIX HD smartphone users, providing them with a nice range of bug fixes and enhancements.

Pushed out as software version 77.12.22.MB886.ATT.en.US, the new update arrives on handsets over the air, with improvements for the camera, Wi-Fi, location, security and the like.

As soon as the update is available for their handsets, users will receive a notification on the matter, and will be able to choose either to update the smartphone immediately, or to postpone the process.

Before kicking off the installation, they should make sure that the phone’s battery has been charged at least at 50 percent. Motorola also recommends the download of this update via a Wi-Fi network (the usual charges apply when downloading over mobile data).

It should also be noted that, following the update, users won’t be able to revert their handsets to the previously installed 77.10.16 software version.

In addition to better Wi-Fi connectivity, ATRIX HD users will also enjoy better battery performance following the update, as well as optimized EA/Gameloft games performance, and various other enhancements.

Some of these include:

- The camera changes include improvements for low light performance, reduced blurriness, and better color accuracy.

- Bar code scanning applications like AT&T code scanner will have a higher rate of accuracy on 1st scan.

- Optimized playback of Widevine streaming content which does not impact most of the streaming content available today.

- Removed Not Supported Live Wallpaper 1) Color Bands, 2) Forest 3) Triangulations.

- Software update will revert to Factory default Wallpaper if one of the above three is user selected prior to the update.

- With Spotify Market Application, when skipping to the next song, the player will no longer pause.

- Corrected functionality for Fixed pictures being Geo Tagged when settings has it disabled.

- Added latest versions of AT&T apps (Smart Wi-Fi, YPmobile), Pre Loaded apps (Quickoffice), and Google apps (Chrome, Google+, Maps, Gmail, Play Store, Street View).

For specific info on how to perform the update, users should head over to Motorola’s support website.

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