Software Update Announced for Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE

It brings along a nice range of enhancements and bug fixes

Owners of a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE smartphone at Sprint will be happy to learn that Motorola and their wireless carrier have started to push out a new software update for their devices.

Released as version 7.7.1Q-6_SPR-125_ASA-10, the new update comes with a variety of enhancements and bug fixes packed inside, and should provide users with a better experience on the go.

Following the update, users should find it easier to import contacts from an SD card, and will also benefit from 1080p HD video capture, along with enhanced video settings for more responsive playback on their devices, Sprint notes on its support website.

Furthermore, the carrier notes that the new software will deliver improved music playback, regardless of whether it comes down to streaming from Amazon Cloud or Internet Radio services.

The release notes for the new update also include:

- Improved text messaging when requesting usage and upgradeability through Sprint Zone

- Select number of users to access Wi-Fi hotspot

- Random power cycle when using Wi-Fi Direct

- Manually send or auto-sync emails from outbox

- Seamless international text messaging

- Faster launch and playback using the YouTube application

- Improved browsing with Google Chrome for Android Mobile Browser

- Improved MMS functionality

- Easier creating and accepting calendar meeting notices on the phone.

According to the wireless carrier, the new update will be pushed to devices in stages, which means that not all users will receive access to it right away. However, the company aims at updating all devices in the next 14 days.

Users will be notified on the availability of the new software, and will be able to choose to download and install it as soon as that happens. Before proceeding, however, they should make sure that the battery inside their devices has been charged at least at 50 percent.

More info on the new update, as well as details instructions on how to install it can be found on this page on Sprint’s support forum.

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