Software Giveaway: Download Free Photo Pos Pro

Free unlimited Photo Pos Pro licenses until the end of January 2009 for Softpedia users

There are many advantages to being a Softpedia user, some more obvious than others. An illustrative example in this regard is a promotion that allows Softpedia users to grab a completely free copy of Photo Pos Pro. The software giveaway courtesy of and is designed to offer a free registration key for the full version of the photo editing software. This license is, of course, unlimited, but you will have to hurry up and grab one for yourselves.

This because the offering involving free unlimited licenses to the latest iteration of Photo Pos Pro is only valid until January 31, 2009. Users will be able to save a good $49.90, which is currently the full price of Photo Pos Pro, and get the software completely free instead. All that they will have to do in order to get their own free registration key is to sign up on this page, while ensuring that they provide a valid email address. The product key will then be offered to them, and they will additionally be able to download the Photo Pos Pro software right here on Softpedia.

Photo Pos Pro is an advanced digital image editing tool, with a plethora of options packaged under the umbrella of an intuitive user-oriented interface. The software will allow users to create graphic designs, but also to edit and enhance digital images with advanced photo manipulation features.

“Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor offers powerful tools and functions, which include among other things Support of many picture file types, Support of scanners and digital cameras, Advanced Image Enhancing and editing tools and functions, Tools for creating Computer Graphics Design, Rich Text Tools, Special Effects, Selection Tools, Layers & Masks, Gradients, Patterns and Texture, Script Tools, Batch Operations and also The Ability to expand the software yourselves,” reads an excerpt of the official description of the software.

Photo Pos Pro is available for download here. Free unlimited licenses for Photo Pos Pro can be grabbed via this link.

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