Softpedia Now Lists More than 2,000 Linux Distributions

This is the most comprehensive list of Linux operating systems

Yes! We are proud to announce that we have just crossed the mark of 2,000 Linux distributions, right here on our Softpedia Linux section, as you can see from the counter situated on the top right of the page.

We don’t know how many of you have noticed that counter on the Linux section, but for us it is something to be proud of, as we are (most) probably the only website in the world to list so many Linux distributions in a single place.

Not only that we list these Linux distributions, but we also provide detailed information, screenshots, and download links for them, and we always try to keep them up-to-date by communicating with their developers on a daily basis.

Yes, it is true that, among them, there are a lot of entries that are not maintained anymore (but still available for download), as life is tough and good Linux distributions disappear overnight, just like it happened recently with the SolusOS operating system.

It’s also true that many entries are specially crafted editions of major Linux distributions aimed at a specific target, such as a desktop environment or a community (gaming, audio, video, graphics, office, etc.). But hey, flavors count too, and they’re very important!

We love Linux distributions so much that on the left side of the page you can find two columns, one with the latest 20 entries in our database (updated in real time), and another one with a “Most Popular Distros” top 10, so make sure you vote your favorite Linux distribution(s) every time a new update is out if you want to see it there.

If you’ve just heard about Softpedia, or about our Linux section, do not hesitate to visit it by accessing You might want to bookmark it for further reference, as we will continue to list new Linux distributions and update existing ones as they are released.

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