Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 171

Welcome to the 171st issue of Softpedia Linux Weekly!

The following Linux-based operating systems have been announced last week: openSUSE 12.1 RC1, m23 rock 11.4, Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26 and CAELinux 2011. In other news: Linus Torvalds announced the final and stable release of Linux kernel 3.1; Google released the final and stable version of the Google Chrome 15 web browser. Softpedia Linux Blog news includes articles about EeeMC 11.10.24, Puppy Linux Slacko 5.3, Google Music Manager, LinuxCon 2011, Orchestra, GCC 4.6.2, SalineOS 1.5, Helena The 3rd, GNOME 3.3.1 and more. The weekly ends with the video clip of the week, the new and updated Linux distributions, and the development releases.




openSUSEOn October 24th, Jos Poortvliet proudly announced the immediate availability for download and testing of the openSUSE 12.1 RC1 operating system, which comes as a KDE SC 4.7 and GNOME 3.2 Live CD ISO images.

Among the new features added in openSUSE 12.1 RC1 we can mention the newly released Linux kernel 3.1, an improved boot process powered by systemd and the GRUB2 boot loader. There will be another RC release in a few days, and the final version of openSUSE 12.1 is expected in 23 days, on November 17th, bringing Google’s new programming language, called Go.

Review image
openSUSE 12.1 RC1 KDE SC Edition
Review image
openSUSE 12.1 RC1 GNOME Edition

Download openSUSE 12.1 RC1 now from Softpedia.

Download openSUSE 12.1 RC1 KDE SC 4.7 Live CD now from Softpedia.

Download openSUSE 12.1 RC1 GNOME 3.2 Live CD now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.


m23 rockAlso on October 24th, we've been informed by a developer of the m23 rock project that the m23 rock 11.4 operating system has been released and that it comes with some expanded features as well as updates for Debian. One big addition is that m23 rock 11.4 now supports TDE, the Trinity Desktop Environment.

The new version also adds support for Debian Squeeze. If there are any KDE3 nostalgics out there, and there probably are, they'll be glad to know that they'll now be able to relive their youth with TDE an actively developed project which aims to carry the banner as everyone else moves on to KDE4, GNOME3 or Unity. TDE is available via m23 only on Debian Squeeze. The team boasts about some improvements to KDE4 as well, gstreamer is now the default backend for the Phonon API.

Review image
m23 rock 11.4 - Image courtesy of the m23 rock project

Download m23 rock 11.4 now from Softpedia.


ChakraOn October 27th, Phil Miller proudly announced the immediate availability for download of the stable Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26 operating system, which is powered by Linux kernel 3.0.7 and X.Org 7.6, as well as the latest KDE Software Compilation 4.7.2 environment, updated toolchain, and WebGL and HTML5 support for Qt/KDE web-browsers.

Highlights of Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26:

· Linux kernel 3.0.7;

· KDE Software Compilation 4.7.2;

· X.Org 7.6;

· Xorg-Server 1.10.4;

· Mesa 7.11;

· Updated X.Org drivers;

· Updated GCC to version 4.6.1;

· Updated glibc to version 2.14.1;

· Tribe was ported for KDE SC 4.7 series;

· Updated DBus;

· QtWebkit 2.2;

· The initscripts were updated with an option to test systemd;

· mesa-stack was updated;

· Switched from heimdal to krb5 (includes rebuilds of depending packages);

· The Burg theme was fixed;

· Burg now saves the last boot-state;

· VirtualBox and KVM fixes;

· NetworkManagemer was updated;

· A minimal ISO image is now provided to build your desktop on!

Review image
Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26

Download Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26 now from Softpedia.


CAELinuxOn October 28th, Joël Cugnoni announced the immediate availability of the CAELinux 2011 operating system, which brings new versions of its main packages. There aren't that many new features from the previous release, if any, but it does bring newer packages all around, thanks to the updated Ubuntu underneath.

CAELinux 2011 can be seen as a minor update to the previous CAELinux 2010. It's built on the latest LTS Ubuntu, the third update, Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. As such, many of the standard packages have been updated as well. Apart from the apps listed above, CAELinux 2011 comes with plenty of other computer-aided engineering and computer-aided design applications as well as more general, scientific-oriented apps.

Review image
CAELinux 2011 - Image courtesy of CAELinux

Download CAELinux 2011 now from Softpedia.


Other NewsOther News:

· On October 24th, Linus Torvalds marked the Linux kernel 3.1 sources as final/stable and ready for immediate download. Among the new features included in Linux kernel 3.1 we can mention OpenRISC opensource CPU support, various slab allocator improvements, writeback throttling improvements, new iSCSI implementation, Near-Field Communication chips support and Wii Controller support. Linux kernel 3.1 provides better power management via the new cpupowerutils userspace utility, the EXT3 filesystem gets the filesystem barriers enabled by default, and lots of drivers were added and updated. Read more about it here.


· On October 25th, the Google Chrome developers at Google proudly announced the immediate availability for download of the stable and final release of the Google Chrome 15 web browser for Linux platforms. As usual, a stable release brings lots of improvements, therefore Google Chrome 15 comes with a brand-new, redesigned "New Tab" page, which allows users to easily access and organize their apps in various sections on the page. Read more about it here.


Softpedia Linux BlogSoftpedia Linux Blog:

· Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Gets 5 Years Support

· Finnix 103 Launched

· Wine 1.3.31 Brings Minor Improvements

· ZevenOS-Neptune 2.0 Released in Two Editions

· Nvidia 290.03 Beta Linux Driver Announced

· Mark Shuttleworth: Mainframes Are Going Away

· Qt Switches to Open Governance

· EeeMC 11.10.24 is Now Using Clonezilla

· Plasma Active Running on Tegra 2

· Puppy Linux Slacko 5.3 Is Based on Slackware

· Long Term Stable Linux Kernel Initiative Announced

· Ubuntu Software Center Offers New eBooks and Magazines

· Introducing Google Music Manager Beta

· OpenSSL Update for RHEL 6.1

· LinuxCon 2011 Video Keynotes Now Live

· Univention Corporate Server 3.0 at Open-Xchange Summit

· Orchestra Provides Automatic Deployment of Ubuntu

· GCC 4.6.2 Released

· SalineOS 1.5 Has LibreOffice and Grub-Doctor

· Helena The 3rd Is Available in Ubuntu 11.10

· GNOME 3.3.1 Development Release Is Here

· SkypeKit 4.02 for Linux Released

· Nvidia Adds Support for Tegra 3 in Linux Kernel

· Canonical Sells Ubuntu Dells in China

· Facebook and Red Hat Join Forces

· Internap Announces First OpenStack Cloud Service

· Canonical and Red Hat Join Forces to Stop Secure Boot


Video Clip of the WeekVideo Clip of the Week: Google Chrome: New Tab Page

· For this week we've posted a very nice 720p HD video clip that showcases the new feature of the newly released Google Chrome 15 web browser. The video has 1 minute, and it was posted by googlechrome. Enjoy!

Download from SoftpediaNew Distributions:

· Salix OS Xfce Live 13.37 RC1

· Puppy Linux "Slacko" 5.3

· VertexOS 4

Download from SoftpediaDistributions Updated Last Week:

· ZevenOS Neptune 2.0

· Finnix 103

· Webconverger 9.0

· EeeMC 11.10.24

· Openwall GNU/Linux 3.0-20111026

· Saline OS 1.5

· DEFT 6.1.1

Download from SoftpediaDevelopment Releases:

· Kwort Linux 3.2 RC3

· Semplice Linux 2.0 Beta 1.1

· Clonezilla LiveCD 1.2.11-11

· GParted LiveCD 0.10.0 Beta 2

See you again at the end of next week for another issue of Softpedia Linux Weekly.

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