Softpedia Giveaways 2011: 20 Licenses for Backup4All Professional

Professional backup solution with plugin support for extended abilities

If you’re looking for a data backup solution that is both versatile and easy to use, stop scouring the Internet. Backup4All, priced $49.95 (€39.54), stands up to its name in terms of effortless handling and we’ve got 20 licenses to give away for this week’s campaign.

Most of you already know the story, but here goes for those yet unaware of the rules: you write a smart comment about the application, and thus sign up for a chance to win one of the codes we put on the line.

You don’t have to make literature with your lines, sharing an honest opinion about the application, its ups and downs as well as what’s lacking should be enough.

Backup4All Professional is a full-fledged solution as far backing up your data goes. It is ready to drop password-protected copies of the sensitive content you choose to a local path or save them in a remote location.

Sporting full, incremental, differential and mirror backup types the application can easily be instructed to run the jobs with a user-defined frequency or at a specific time and date.

Featuring both standard and advanced working modes, Backup4All Professional makes available options for both beginners and more seasoned users. The range of choices and possibilities depends strictly on your skills.

Even if out-of-the-box it is versatile enough, plugin support make it open to an even larger set of scenarios, allowing you to automate tasks relating to backing up specific applications installed on your system.

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For a deeper look at what Backup4All Professional can do for you and the results of our testing you can head to our review page.

Your chances to win one of the 20 free codes are only as good as your comment. So make your remarks as honest and witty as possible.

You have a week to post your message, until Friday, so that you can also test the program and form a pertinent opinion of it. Don't forget that we need a valid contact email address.

For a full list of the software featured in our giveaway campaign you can check this article on a weekly basis, keep an eye on the weekly giveaway tag or receive the info by following the Softpedia Giveaway Twitter account.

Note: The winners will be picked from the comments section of this article, and will be contacted in 5 days after the giveaway expires. They will have to provide their full name in private (when required) in order to collect their prize. No other information except for your comment and the alias / nickname you provide will appear online.

We urge you not to double post and, most importantly, be original because pasting from different sources on the Internet will get you kicked from the giveaway campaign.



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