Softpedia Giveaways 2011: 10 Licenses for avast! Internet Security

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Malware is getting more complex with every day, so having a security solution on your system should never be optional. We’ve got 10 licenses for avast! Internet Security to give away, and your chance to nab one is only as good as your comment in the section below.

Internet Security from AVAST is the top of the line product for home users and, with $49.99 on the price tag, it is not too expensive, either. However, shielding up your computer in exchange for a few relevant words about the software sounds way better than shelling out the money.

If you are already accustomed to the interface of the free version of avast! transitioning to the upgraded version will be smooth, since the two applications share the same look. The only difference between the two consists in the security layers available, Internet Security suite bringing in a wider range.

The real-time protection keeping guard over the system against malware is designed to deflect attacks coming through emails, P2P downloads and instant messaging software, as well as malware trying to sneak in via the network.

Execution of malicious scripts on the system is also intercepted. Should a file manifest suspicious behavior, avast!’s shield is ready to report and block it.

A firewall can’t miss from a security suite, and in avast! Internet Security this component has been designed to interact with the user as little as possible by allowing it to take decisions on its own. Still, you can also create custom rules for applications.

Sandboxing capabilities are present in the bundle through AutoSandbox and SafeZone components. Both create a virtual environment, but for different purposes. The first one runs suspicious items in the isolated setting, so that it does not affect the real system; the second is designed to keep malware out and offer you secure web navigation, perfect for running online financial transactions.

You have a week to post your message, until Friday, so that you can also test the program and form a pertinent opinion of it. Don't forget that we need a valid contact email address.

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Giveaway campaign ended on June 10


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