Softpedia Giveaways 2011: 10 Licenses for The Bat!

This week we’re giving away 10 licenses to the best 10 comments for this article. We have free codes for both the Professional version of the application as well as the Home edition, so we’re going to award the pricier installment to the best five posts and the next five will get the latter version.

The deal is the same as always and we expect you to expose the best parts of the product or features particular to your needs. Comparing it to other apps in the same line of activity and stating the differences also works. However, you need to make a compelling argument about the benefits or flaws experienced with The Bat!

There aren’t many users willing to pay for an email client because most of these message retrieval tools are free of charge and some of them fulfill more than just the basic needs. The Bat! addresses users in need of efficient management of huge piles of emails quick and easy.

The Bat! sports a set of features only partially matched by similar programs, most of them paid. The particularities of this email client extend to plenty of security options, especially in the Professional edition, but also to extremely flexible ways to auto-respond to a message, through largely customizable templates.

It comes with the ability to send emails with a user-defined delay, automatic backup and support for a bunch of attributes meant to help you organize messages by importance or into groups. Moreover, the extra tool present in the software can help you take care of the tasks in an efficient manner, through the built-in scheduler, calendar, the professional address book or SmartBat editor.

Your chances to win one of the 10 free codes are only as good as your comment. So make your remarks as honest and witty as possible.

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You have a week to post your message, until Friday, so that you can also test the program and form a pertinent opinion of it. Don't forget that we need a valid contact email address.

For a full list of the software featured in our giveaway campaign you can check this article on a weekly basis, keep an eye on the weekly giveaway tag or receive the info by following the Softpedia Giveaway Twitter account.

Note: The winners will be picked from the comments section of this article, and will be contacted in 5 days after the giveaway expires. They will have to provide their full name in private (when required) in order to collect their prize. No other information except for your comment and the alias / nickname you provide will appear online.

We urge you to not double post and, most importantly, be original because pasting from different sources on the Internet will get you kicked from the giveaway campaign.

Giveaway campaign ended on July 08


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