Softpedia Games Giveaway: Primordia, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Fallen Enchantress, Party of Sin, Waking Mars, Chaos on Deponia, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Winners of the giveaway will be announced on December 27


UPDATE: Winners have been selected, so check out below to see if you're among the lucky ones.

With less than a week left until Christmas, we have decided to surprise our readers with a giveaway of selected games.

Before presenting the 8 titles which are part of Softpedia’s games giveaway, I should mention that you don’t need to register an account or anything like that.

All you need to do is post a comment below, in which you mention the top 3 games from the list you would like to have.

Be sure to add the reasons why you want those games, because this is how we're going to pick the winners. Make us laugh or wonder really hard and you might just get your wish granted.

Don’t forget to fill in your email address before posting your comment and worry not, as it won’t be shown on the website. We only need it to get in touch with winners.

I should also mention that all games included in the giveaway are redeemable on Steam with one exception, Frozen Hearth, which has yet to be Greenlit.

Winners of this giveaway will be announced on December 27, so make sure to check back later to see if you won something or not. Keep in mind that we have 5 codes to offer for each game, which means that there will be 40 winners!

That being said, here are the 8 titles included in this giveaway:

Fallen Enchantress is a game we have already reviewed and which we found much better than Elemental. This strategy game developed by Stardock is available for purchase on Steam and promises many hours of pure entertainment.

Primordia is one of our favorite adventure games of all time. The folks at Wadjet Eye Games did a great job and if you are into cyberpunk, futuristic, post-apocalyptic adventures, this is the game you want. Fortunately, Primordia has been recently Greenlit and is now available for purchase on Steam.

Party of Sin is one of the new indie games released on Steam and offers a Trine-like style of play, only this time you don’t have classes like mage, warrior and rogue – instead, you’ll be playing the seven sins! I should also mention that Party of Sin offers a great co-op mode. Check out our review if you don’t believe me.

Waking Mars has been reviewed by the Softpedia Linux team, which found the game original, funny and dramatic at the same time. Developed by Tiger Style, this 2D platformer is up for purchase on Steam as well.

Next in line is Deadalic’s Chaos on Deponia adventure game. This is by far one of the funniest games we’ve played, so check out our review for more details. Chaos on Deponia made it on Steam in early November and you can find it here.

The folks at Epiphany Games are still struggling to bring their new Frozen Hearth strategy on Steam. They have been asked by Valve to go through their Project Greenlight, so let’s help them a bit by voting for this game here. Until it gets Greenlit, you can find the game on GamersGate. Don’t forget to check out our review as well.

Fishlabs’ amazingly popular Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is also included in our giveaway, so if you like strategy, space simulation games we recommend you to give this one a try, you won’t regret it. The game is up for sale on Steam here.

Last but not least, Anomaly: Warzone Earth does not need any presentations, as the game has been praised by players and media alike. If by any chance you’re still not familiar with 11 bit studios’ title, head over to our review. Anomaly Warzone Earth has been available for purchase via Steam for quite some time.

If any of these 8 games looks tempting to you, simply leave a comment below and, if it’s smart/funny enough, you might win one of them.

The competition has ended and here are the lucky commenters who won our games. They've all been notified by email and are asked to check their inboxes or spam folders.

Fallen Enchantress:

Comment #6 by: kamikaze

Comment #9 by: achozen

Comment #16 by: mihai

Comment #27 by: usernamegoeshere

Comment #31 by: lrg


Comment #1 by: xelliz

Comment #2 by: razvanab

Comment #19 by: meeree

Comment #24 by: Septian Ahmad

Comment #28 by: Brandon

Party of Sin:

Comment #4 by: Lootyhoof

Comment #8 by: lostprofeta

Comment #10 by: Beta

Comment #12 by: Magra

Comment #17 by: starudstx21

Waking Mars:

Comment #1.2 by: anw

Comment #13 by: zeusz4u

Comment #31 by: lrg

Comment #32 by: chucko

Comment #34 by: quailstorm

Chaos on Deponia:

Comment #15 by: ORAKIO

Comment #21 by: Kolbass

Comment #22 by: yuppy

Comment #23 by: Wogim

Comment #32 by: chucko

Frozen Hearth:

Comment #7 by: Bob

Comment #11 by: Gopal

Comment #18 by: Bitan

Comment #28 by: Brandon

Comment #30 by: Hacene

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD:

Comment #1.3 by: Dan

Comment #6 by: kamikaze

Comment #8 by: lostprofeta

Comment #13 by: zeusz4u

Comment #34 by: quailstorm

Anomaly: Warzone Earth:

Comment #1.3 by: Dan

Comment #9 by: achozen

Comment #14 by: leroy30

Comment #27 by: usernamegoeshere

Comment #33 by: Hermanator

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