Sofritas: Chipotle Readies to Roll Out Shredded Tofu Option

The fast food chain admits its decision has a lot to do with financial considerations

This coming February, San Francisco's residents are to be introduced to a brand new culinary delight: Sofritas. Before any meat enthusiasts start jumping for joy, let it be made clear that this dish is basically tofu braised with tomatoes, sauce and peppers.

The dish is to be rolled out by Chipotle Mexican Grill, a chain of fast food restaurants whom most people hold very close at heart because of it claims to only cook and sell meat obtained in the most environmentally friendly of ways.

However, it looks like Chipotle's decision to begin marketing shredded tofu has little to do with its desire to make sure thitseir customers are both satisfied and healthy, and quite a lot to do with the fact that meat is becoming ever more expensive as the weeks go by, Ecorazzi reports.

Should the people in San Francisco embrace this new dish, the fast food chain intends to roll it out in all of its other locations in the United States as soon as possible.

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