Sofia Vergara Says She’d Never Complain About Her Beauty

Boasting one of the hottest bodies in the industry right now, Sofia Vergara knows better than to complain about having been “cursed” with good looks. In a new interview, the 38-year-old actress says she’s happy she’s beautiful.

The “Modern Family” star, who’s now lending her voice for the upcoming “Smurf” feature, sat down with Fox News to talk about the latter project and, among other things, also touched on the topic of her insanely good looks.

Unlike Jessica Biel, who once said that she believed that her beauty was preventing her from landing more serious roles and thus killing her career in Hollywood, Sofia insists she’s perfectly happy as she is.

In fact, at her age, she’s thrilled to get so much attention for her body and her face, because that means that her work will also be noticed sooner or later.

“I love it. Of course, it’s great at my age. It’s fantastic,” the actress says. She has no intention of complaining – and would probably feel very ungrateful to do so.

“I think that everything that is positive and good helps out with your career. Why not embrace it and take advantage?” Vergara asks.

As for what she does in particular to look this stunning, Sofia says it’s more a question of what she doesn’t do: she doesn’t stress too much and she never overdoes it.

“Everything in moderation. Not too much food, not too much exercise, not too much anything. Everything in moderation,” she says for the same media outlet.

“And of course, wearing sun block, doing the things that your dermatologist tells you to do – that helps with the aging process,” Sofia adds.

As noted above, this is exactly the contrary what Biel said in a 2009 interview, in which she lamented that her good looks were killing her movie career, as we also informed you at the time.

Jessica got a lot of heat in the media and the blogosphere for saying those things, especially since many were convinced that it was her poor judgment when choosing parts and lack of good acting skills that were making it hard for her to land roles.

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