Sofia Vergara, Fiancé Already in Couples Therapy

The two will do some counseling before walking down the aisle, says report

Sofia Vergara and her fiancé Nick Loeb are already having such serious issues that they will be heading right into couples therapy before walking down the aisle, a new report claims.

The two have been plagued by various nasty rumors since they first started dating and, chances are, they aren’t going to stop now that they’re getting ready to be married.

Though Sofia and Nick are yet to set a wedding date, Radar Online claims to have it on good authority that the two will first seek couples therapy and only get hitched afterwards.

“She decided they needed professional help before she would walk down the aisle. They had their first session over the phone – and so far, so good!” an insider is quoted as saying.

Admittedly, things have been going from bad to worse after they got into a fight on New Year’s Eve, after Nick got into a physical altercation at the club they were planning on ringing in 2013.

Word online has it that he saw an ex-boyfriend of Sofia’s there, and thought that the two were being too friendly towards each other.

A shoving match ensued, and Sofia was caught in the middle: her dress was pulled and she was embarrassed publicly even further as her bosom was exposed.

Earlier this month, though, Sofia spoke about her wedding as if none of this had happened, not revealing anything about a potentially tense relationship between herself and Nick.

“If I'm going to do something, it's going to have to be a big event. I just had my 40th birthday in Mexico. I had more than 100 people,” she said, as we also reported at the time.

“Now I don't have the time – and it will have to be one weekend when I have the time to plan something fun. I don't even know what I'm going to do,” the stunning actress added.

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