SodaStream Banned Super Bowl 2013 Ad Goes Viral – Video

If you love your bubbles, set them free, says new ad poking fun at the competition

One of the best ads at the Super Bowl 2013 is one that you didn’t see during the game because CBS turned it down. It has now gone viral and, as usual, you can check it out below in full.

It’s a humorous commercial for SodaStream. As for the reason it was banned, well, seeing how it pokes fun at Pepsi and Coca Cola, it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

This is the ad that SodaStream initially wanted to run during the commercial break at the Super Bowl but was turned down.

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum insists that the call was theirs and that they knew from the start their video might not see the light of day because CBS was counting on Pepsi and Coke as two of the biggest sponsors for the event.

He also says the ad was not done with other purpose but to have a laugh, not to insult or discredit any competition.

As the man says in the voiceover, if you love your bubbles, set them free – that was all the ad was trying to say.

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