Soccer Player Scores Incredible Bicycle Kick Goal from 30 Yards Away

A video captured during a Sweden-England match goes viral

This amazing overhead kick-goal comes from player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, of the national Swedish soccer team.

The video was captured during the November 14 Sweden-England Friends Arena match. YouTube users have dubbed it this month's best bicycle kick goal, and uploader Matt Waller even goes so far as to say it's the best goal of the season.

What's truly impressive is that this is Ibrahimovic's fourth goal that night and that he kicked this one from 30 yards away.

The Telegraph reports what was going through the player's mind when he went for the goal.

"When he put it out, I had it in my mind to score - to try to score. I tried to put it in the goal and when I was on the ground, I saw a defender trying to get it, and I wanted to scream 'No' but the ball went in," he says.

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