Snowy Owl Spotted in Scotland

The species is native to the Arctic regions, wildlife researchers explain

This past February 18, one lucky fellow got the chance to spot a Snowy Owl that for one reason or another made an appearance in Scotland's Cairngorms mountains.

“I do feel very privileged to have seen this beautiful bird. my first reaction was WOW!” stated the person who got the chance to come face to beak with this elusive bird of prey.

Pictures of this Snowy Owl were posted online this week's Tuesday, and people have already taken a liking to them.

Wildlife researchers explain that Snowy Owls are native to the Arctic regions, and that such sightings outside their natural habitat are quite rare.

“Yes, it is a very lucky sighting indeed, as they only occur very irregularly in Scotland, these days. Lucky you!” a viewer commented on this sighting.

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