Snowlinux 4 Cinnamon/MATE Released, Based on Ubuntu 13.04

This is a short-term release, supported until January 2014

Lars Torben Kremer proudly announced last evening, June 3, the immediate availability for download of the stable release of his popular Snowlinux 4 operating system.

Dubbed Frosty, Snowlinux 4 is based on the Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Linux operating system and it uses the Linux 3.8 kernel. This release is distributed as separate Cinnamon and MATE editions.

"Snowlinux 4 'Frosty' is the latest release based upon Ubuntu 13.04. MATE 1.6, the default desktop environment, and Cinnamon 1.8 and run perfectly. While MATE 1.6 was mostly improved technically, Cinnamon 1.8 was improved with an unified control center and an own screensaver."

"Snowlinux 4 'Frosty' uses the latest technologies and has an updated package base," Lars Torben Kremer said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Snowlinux 4 Cinnamon & MATE:

• Based on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail);

• Linux kernel 3.8;

• Cinnamon 1.8 desktop environment (for the Cinnamon Edition);

• MATE 1.6 desktop environment (for the MATE Edition);

• Nemo 1.8 file manager (for the Cinnamon Edition);

• Caja 1.6 file manager (for the MATE Edition);

• Mozilla Firefox 21.0 web browser;

• Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.5 email client;

• Pidgin IM client;

• Rhythmbox audio player;

• Shotwell image viewer/editor;

• Cinnamon Control Center (for the Cinnamon Edition);

• Cinnamon Screensaver (for the Cinnamon Edition);

• Snowlinux Metal theme;

• Snowlinux full HD wallpapers;

• Plymouth has been disabled by default.

Review image
Snowlinux 4 Cinnamon Edition - Image courtesy of Lars Torben Kremer
Review image
Snowlinux 4 MATE Edition - Image courtesy of Lars Torben Kremer

The developer recommends the following hardware components for a fresh installation of Snowlinux 4:

· An x86 processor;

· At least 512 MB memory;

· At least 4 GB free disk space;

· A graphics card capable of 800x600 resolution;

· A DVD-ROM drive or USB port.

The Snowlinux 4 (Frosty) operating system is distributed as Live DVD ISO image, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. It is 100% compatible with the default Ubuntu repositories and it will be supported with security updates and patches until January 2014.

Download Snowlinux 4 Cinnamon and Snowlinux 4 MATE right now from Softpedia.

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