Snoop Dogg Debuts as Snoop Lion in Official “La La La” Video

Rapper thinks of the kids, comes out with Halloween-themed video

When Snoop Dogg announced he’d be changing his name to Snoop Lion and turn his back to rap music, fans were shocked and, I might as well say it, very skeptic about it. Above is a first look at how that might turn out for the hip hop icon.

This is the official video for “La La La,” which marks his first outing as Snoop Lion. The big surprise is that it’s more of a Halloween video than anything else.

As a fan of Snoop Dogg (the old-school rapper), Snoop’s most recent releases, including his collaboration with David Guetta, mean nothing to me because they totally scream selling out.

I thought the same would happen now, with this Snoop Lion “phase” he’s got going on. I was wrong only partially: the song is almost half decent and those two little girls are actually very cute. That’s all I got.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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