Snooki’s Is Staying Slim with Zantrex-3

A short while back, Snooki took to her Twitter to boast about losing a lot of weight, saying she’d done it all by spending more time at the gym and paying more attention to what she ate. She didn’t say a word about the ace up her sleeve though: Zantrex-3.

Zantrex-3 is made by Zoller Laboratories, Inc. and is a pill that claims to help burn the fat, boost the energy levels and lead to weight loss even when it doesn’t come accompanied by a sensible diet and exercise.

A post on the official product page leaves no room for doubt as to how Snooki dropped the extra weight just recently: it’s certainly not in the traditional way, she’s been “cheating” with the weight loss pill.

“We’ve noticed that Snooki’s looking a little leaner and in much better shape. The rumor mill has been giving credit to her new trainer,” the post says.

Snooki herself credited her personal trainer and her healthier diet for the weight loss, even claiming she’d cut down on alcohol with the same goal in mind, to get the desired figure.

“However, Snooki recently raised eyebrows after being caught outside her gym with a bottle of Zantrex Fat Burner, an ‘extreme energy’ supplement popular among bodybuilders and college students,” the post reads.

“Until recently it was a little known fact that Snooki is slated to be the national spokesperson for Zantrex. However, this deal wasn’t supposed to be announced until after she returns from Italy next month... a couple of dress sizes smaller. Oops!” the post adds.

So far, Snooki hasn’t said anything about being a spokesperson for the diet pills, which are so popular that even Britney Spears was once photographed with a bottle of them, generating talk that this was how she was maintaining her body.

As per the understanding, it could be that Snooki doesn’t come out to confirm her new endorsement deal until she returns from Italy, where she’s shooting for the upcoming season of “Jersey Shore.”

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