Snapchat Finally Apologizes for Security Breach

Snapchat released updates for apps that fix security breach

In what will probably go down in history as one of the worst PR moves of all times, Snapchat finally came out and apologized for the data leak, two weeks after it happened.

When a company faces a crisis, it should always appear to be in charge of fixing things, offer apologies and generally try to save face. What Snapchat did following the vulnerability exploit doesn’t really fall into this category.

“Our team continues to make improvements to the Snapchat service to prevent future attempts to abuse our API. We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support,” the Snapchat team wrote in a blog post.

The messaging service was hacked sometime after Christmas and despite the fact that they denied there were any problems, evidence was soon brought to back the statement coming from a security company.

A site dumped a downloadable database full of phone numbers and user names of about 4.6 million users.

Instead of offering users an apology, Snapchat acknowledged the problem after it had already circled the globe thanks to media organizations and promised some kind of added security to its app.

Now, the company revealed an update that should, in theory, patch the vulnerability that was exploited by hackers. The app update brings an improved Find Friends functionality allowing users to opt out of linking their phone numbers with their usernames.

To further increase security, those who do want to use the Find Friends option need to verify their phone numbers.

Snapchat is a popular mobile messaging tool that has hoards of users across the world. Although it’s only been around since September 2011, it managed to climb to the top of preferences of users across the world thanks to the many options it offers, such as content sharing.

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