Smuggler Cat Sneaks into Prison, Used for Contraband

Concrete drills, a headset, a cell phone and three batteries were all found on the cat

Guards at a jail in Brazil came across yet another unusual way to smuggle items inside, this time using a cat.

This innocent looking kitty was raised by inmates in the Luiz de Oliveira Souza jail, so it's safe to assume it received criminal training. It was then taken home by one of their families. As it was brought for visitation on New Year's Eve, it had a whole ensemble of useful things taped to it.

By the looks of it, the kitty could have been carrying a bomb, so I can understand why officials were unsettled when they noticed it.

Two concrete drills, a headset, a memory card, a cell phone with a charger and three batteries were all found in its possession. The funny thing is that all 263 prisoners are now suspected of masterminding the breach.

"It will be hard to discover who is responsible since the cat does not speak," a prison spokesperson tries to explain, according to The FW.

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