Smoking Does Nothing to Relieve Stress

Quitting is what makes people feel more at ease with the world

More often than not, people who are dead set on not letting go of their daily dose of nicotine argue that cigarettes help them feel more at ease with the world and with those around them. In other words, they maintain that smoking helps relieve stress.

However, a team of British researchers now wishes to draw attention to the fact that, according to several studies and experiments they have been carrying out over the past few months, quitting is what makes people feel calmer and what brings down anxiety levels.

Apparently, those who claim that smoking relieves stress mistake their nicotine addiction for environmental-caused anxiety, Daily Mail reports.

As the specialists explain, this means that one or two puffs merely help a person deal with their addiction, and do very little when it comes to helping them overcome stressful situations.

“The belief that smoking is stress-relieving is pervasive but almost certainly wrong. The reverse is true: smoking probably causes anxiety and smokers deserve to know this and understand how their own experience may be misleading,” the researchers say.

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