Smiling Dinosaur Had Its Face Frozen in a Hideous Grin

This newly found dinosaur had so many teeth, it could not help but smile

The dinosaur in the picture above is referred to by scientists as the Kaatedocus siberi, and it seems that it has only recently been discovered in Wyoming.

This species used to roam the earth nearly 150 million years ago, during the late Jurassic period, and its very distinctive feature was the fact that its representatives would always look as if they were smiling.

Paleontologists explain that the rather hideous grin that seems frozen on this dinosaur's face comes as a result of the animal's having a tad too many teeth, which made it impossible for it to completely shut its mouth. More so since they were sticking out of it.

Sources report that the Kaatedocus siberi was a herbivore, and that other of its bodily features were a long neck and a whiplash tail.

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