Small UHD Displays to Become the Focus of Vendors in 2014

Mass production of 12.1-inch to 20-inch tablet panels might take off

The Ultra-High Definition, or 4K for short (3840 x 2160 pixels), took off because of TVs this year (2013), but something different might happen in 2014.

Which is to say, makers and vendors of 4K displays might look to other markets, mostly because there won't be another “boom” on the 4K TV front.

Sure, sales and variety are bound to go up, but not with the same explosive effect as during these past 10 months.

Thus, panel makers, at least those from Japan, will focus on the UHD tablet market.

12.1-inch 365ppi tablet panels featuring low energy consumption, as well as displays for products like Panasonic's 20-inch Toughpad UT-MB5, will take center stage, at least at some points.

13.3-inch laptops/tablets could become part of this market too, or at least get displays close to the 4K standard, like the 3200 x 1800 (276ppi) panel of the Samsung 13.3-inch ATIV Q.

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