Slot Machine For Mobile Phones, From Inlogic

The popular casino game

The hugely popular slot machine, that no casino out there can live without, is now converted into a mobile game set to bring users the same excitement and fun as the real gambling game.

Developed by Inlogic Software, Slot Machine for mobile phones lets you play without any rules and without having to waste hundreds of coins, as you would do in a casino (it would be kind of hard and odd to introduce coins into your phone anyway). Obviously, the fact that you don't spend anything when starting a new game also means you can't win anything, as you would have the chance to do in a real casino. But the mobile Slot Machine is not about winning money, it's about having fun. You can still stake virtual amounts of money, though, if that will make you feel better. Three different kinds of slot machines are available in the game, making sure that players never get bored.

Talking about the new mobile Slot Machine, Jan Kalafut, Head of Business of Inlogic Software s.r.o., said: "Inlogic Software has already developed several gambling games based on popular card games. Now we wanted to bring something new to the public: a game which would have, on one hand, a gambling character but, on the other hand, easy-to-play rules. Slot Machine is full of fun, graphically attractive and, of course, catchy."

Slot Machine will soon be available for download, via Inlogic's website, and it should be compatible with most of the J2ME enabled mobile phones on the market.

Based in Slovakia, Central Europe, Inlogic Software developed until now many other mobile games for J2ME handsets, including Star Defence, Suicidal Squirrels, Ali the Penguin, Roboros, FootBallz and more "serious" titles, like Sex Trip.


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