Sloopy, the Dancing Chihuahua Does the Conga – Video

Sloopy stands on two legs and moves to the beat of Gloria Estefan

It only takes 56 seconds for Sloopy, the dancing chihuahua to put on a show that gained almost 800,000 views over the weekend.

This clip, uploaded by user Devin Contreras on YouTube less than three days ago, features Sloopy doing the conga in the kitchen, while his master watches mesmerized, laughs and films him.

It appears Sloopy was craving the turkey on the counter, while the family was getting ready for Thanksgiving. The pooch graciously swags to the rhythm of Gloria Estefan’s catchy single Conga. It even looks like he is shaking his hips to the beat, like an experimented dancer.

The clip of Sloopy standing on two legs and dancing was featured on Dlisted, DailyPicks, StuffIStole, and MostWatched, landing him a gig as a mascot for an insurance company.

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