SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 Has Arrived

With X.Org 7.4 and Midori 0.2.4

Fans of light-weight, live CD/USB Linux distributions can rejoice, SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 is here with quite a lot of updates, but also new features and packages. SliTaz now runs a fully fledged X server, X.Org 7.4, and uses the light-weight, Webkit-based Midori web browser. SliTaz 3.0 is powered by Linux kernel and a completely new toolchain.

"All of the SliTaz team are proud to announce the release of the SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 operating system. It's simpler, faster, customizable, mightier and yet incredibly tiny. The new SliTaz stable version is now out after one year of development," Christophe Lincoln said in the official announcement on the SliTaz GNU/Linux homepage.

"The core desktop provides a fully featured desktop powered by Xorg 7.4, Openbox, LXDE components and home made tools. It lets you easily connect to the Internet to surf the web with the Midori web browser, listen to music or manage your pictures," he added.

Highlights of SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0:

· Linux kernel;

· X.Org 7.4 – switched from Xvesa;

· Binutils 2.19.1, GCC 4.4.1, Glibc 2.10.1 – completely new toolchain;

· Midori 0.2.4 (based on WebkitGTK+ 1.1.22) – Is now the default web browser;

· Full UTF-8 support;

· Faster boot thanks to rewritten boot scripts;

· Tazctrlbox, tazhw, wifibox, burnbox, mountbox, netbox, serverbox, installer – all home-made boxes improved;

· Better support out of the box for WiFi cards, webcams, 3G-modems, printers, scanners;

· Visual enhancements – better themes and desktop integration;

· Faster virtualization with lguest;

· OpenERP, LAMP, GLPI and more in SliTaz pro;

· Tazlitobox and tazusbbox – easier to customize LiveCD and LiveUSB;

· Tazpkg – packagee manager can now convert deb, rpm, arch, slackware, ipk packages to the Slitaz native format;

· Tazbb – packages are now automatically built by a build bot;

· 900 packages added to the database and many updates.

You can read more in the release notes.

SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 is available for download here on Softpedia.


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