Slender Giuliana Rancic on Her Diet: I Eat Whatever I Want

Not long ago, E! News correspondent Giuliana Rancic was detailing her very strict diet on her official blog. After two weeks on vacation in Italy, she seems to have had a change of mind and is now saying she can – and does – eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.

In a recent interview with Celebuzz, Giuliana again lashes out at critics, saying her weight has nothing to do with what she eats, in the sense that she’s not starving herself to be this thin.

On the contrary, she actually eats more than she should and often forgets to count the calories. She even eats pasta, she says.

The secret to her tiny figure is to be found in the amount of time she spends at the gym, which, as she sees it, is one of the things her critics are not aware of.

“I eat whatever I want. I never starve myself. I eat five times a day – if not more. I workout every day and bust my butt to stay in shape, which can be six to seven days a week,” Giuliana says.

In Italy, at least, she made sure not to deny herself any treat. In fact, she and her husband made a pact on the way there to indulge in the Italian cuisine without remorse – which is precisely what they ended up doing.

“I went to Italy, and I consumed way too many calories a day, but I didn’t care. Bill and I made a deal on the plane over that we can’t say ‘no’ to anything, including food,” the television star explains in the same interview.

“Like if Bill says, ‘Let’s have a crepe,’ I can’t say no – even though I just had a gelato, and I’m full. We indulged like crazy for two weeks, but we took really long walks in the vineyards, and we stayed active,” she adds.

However, she made sure they both switched back to their regular eating and workout habits as before the holiday.

“When we got back to Los Angeles, we were back at Equinox the next day on the treadmill,” Giuliana adds.

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