Sleepy Bulldog Puppy Photo Goes Viral on Reddit

The shot was uploaded under thread name “Aaaaaaand Relax”

A photo of sleepy bulldog puppy made its appearance on Reddit rather inconspicuously, but ended up creating quite a buzz.

The pic was uploaded by youarenowpromoted under the appropriate, yet not exactly revealing, thread name “Aaaaaaand Relax.”

With more than 12,000 upvotes in a day, it seems to be able to capture Redditors' hearts and perhaps even relieve some of that end-of-the-week stress.

This pup is napping in an adorable position, prompting comments about it possibly practicing yoga. Its pose has been dubbed the “upward-facing dog” or an example of savasana.

“I was in a hateful mood all day until I saw this,” one user posted.

Click on the photo above to get a full glimpse of the image that went viral on Reddit.

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