Sleek and Black Bluetooth Soundbars Released by Orbitsound

The audio output devices have the ability to detect the song last played on a gadget

When it comes to wireless audio devices, most of them don't really have anything to show in the intelligence department, which is to say they are mostly passive in their operation, doing whatever they are told by the source device.

Not the Orbitsound soundbars though, or at least not the newest ones at any rate. The M9 and M12 have a special perk.

That perk is a so-called grab feature that starts playing the last media from whatever smartphone or tablet happens to be connected to the soundbar at the time.

Then, there is the spatial sound technology that Orbitsound owns. Called “spatial stereo” technology, it delivers true stereo sound” despite being a single unit. In the company's own words, it “effectively reproduces the original audio recording.”

Spec-wise, the M9 and M12 both use Bluetooth to link to portable gadgets, or whatever Smart TV or PC has the technology.

Orbitsound included optical, AUX, video out, RCA and 3.5mm jack connectors as well, so that as many wired gadgets as possible are compatible with it as well. There is even a 30-pin dock.

“High quality Bluetooth streaming to the soundbar from any compatible Bluetooth device means simple wireless enjoyment of streamed or stored media,” the company writes.

The M9 and M12 soundbars and subwoofer are made of wood, since plastic just doesn't have the same audio properties.

Furthermore, the products get a new digital amplifier and a Bluetooth remote, plus built-in memory that stores source, volume and equalizer levels for whenever the same gadget gets hooked again.

As for the 2.4 GHz connection of the active companion subwoofer, it has a delay of 0.01 seconds, which is more or less negligible really.

The M9 has a price of £299 (about $450 / 340-450 Euro according to exchange rates), while the M12 will sell for £399 (about $600 / 455 -600Euro). Shipments will begin next month (March 2013).

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