Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo Axed from the Band Ahead of Australian Tour

Lombardo says he’s saddened, “shocked” by the situation, apologizes to fans

Dave Lombardo, the drummer for rock band Slayer, won’t be joining his mates on tour for the Australian leg. He’s been let go, as he confirms in a post to fans on his Facebook page.

The moment word got out online that he was out of the picture, probably for good, Lombardo took to social media to have his side of the story out there as well.

He explains that it all boiled down to his wanting a change in the way Slayer did business, after realizing they had worked almost around the clock last year and had hardly been paid a dime for it.

Sadly, his mates didn’t feel the same, he says.

“Last Monday, I sat down with Kerry and Tom to rehearse for Australia and to propose a new business model that I felt was the best way forward for Slayer to confidently protect itself so we could do what we do best ... play for the fans,” Lombardo writes.

“Kerry made it clear he wasn’t interested in making changes and said if I wanted to argue the point, he would find another drummer. On Thursday, I arrived at rehearsals at 1 pm as scheduled, but Kerry did not show. Rather, at 6:24 pm I received an email from the lawyers saying I was being replaced for the Australian dates,” he adds.

He concludes his apology to fans saying that he still hopes he and his mates can still work out their differences soon enough.

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