Skype for Windows Phone 1.2 Now Available

With various improvements, along with a range of bug fixes

A new flavor of Skype for Windows Phone is now available for download for all owners of devices powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Released as version 1.2, the new Skype for Windows Phone arrives on handsets with a handful of improvements and fixes for the various issues that were previously found in the application.

Users who will download and install the new Skype for Windows Phone (full version is, will benefit for improvements such as having all phonebook contacts with at least one number displayed in the Skype contact list.

Moreover, users will be able to edit a phone number in the dial-pad before calling it, the team behind the application notes.

Additionally, there are the aforementioned fixed issues that are certain to make the overall experience with Skype for Windows Phone better than before.

Following the update, events such as a calendar notification or incoming calls will no longer end a Skype call in progress, the app’s released notes read.

Moreover, the update also adds a “pending” indicator to all those IM messages that have not been successfully sent.

According to the developing team behind Skype for Windows Phone, the new update also resolves a series of crashes in the application, along with memory leaks.

However, there are a series of other issues that still haven’t been mended yet in the application, including the fact that it still requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM to be installed on a device.

One other issue that is worth mentioning is related to accepting a cellular call while on a Skype call. The Skype call won’t be put on hold, and the user will be able to hear both conversations, since both calls will be in progress.

You can learn more on the issues that still plague the application in this post on the Skype blog. Skype for Windows Phone is available for download from Softpedia, via this link.

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