Skype for Mac OS X to Get Complete Overhaul, Group Video Soon

Skype developers are signaling that the Mac version of their software is due out as soon as they can get a final stable release that includes the the new functionality (group calling) that just made it inside the Windows version, as well as a revamped overall experience.

The latest headline on Skype’s blog says pretty much everything fans of the service need to know: “New version of Skype for Mac OS X coming soon”.

However, those curious enough to go inside the post learn that Skype for Mac is getting group video calling, just like the Windows installment.

“You may have noticed that we've just launched a new version of Skype for Windows, and I wanted to reassure you that our previous statement still stands: we're working hard to deliver group video calling to the Mac as quickly as possible,” Peter Parkes blogs for Skype.

However, while Mac users may feel they’ve been left behind, this time around Skype has a complete overhaul planned.

“But that's not all – we intend to give our app for Mac OS X a complete overhaul, both in terms of the way it looks, and in terms of functionality,” Parkes reveals.

Skype also rolled out a new version of their iOS client, bringing the app to version 2.1.2. It was a maintenance release mostly focused on fixing issues reported by customers.

For example, the options have more precise descriptions now. A new settings option - Go Offline - is also available.

“You can now choose the behavior of the application when it runs in the background,” explains aul Liive writes on the Skype Garage blog.

Skype 2.1.2 boasts improved event notifications, making all types of event notifications appear in a friendlier format.

Both the Mac and iOS versions can be obtained using the links below.

Download Skype for Mac (Free)

Download Skype for iOS (Free)

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