Skype Says No to Windows Phone 7 Development

Video of WP 7's Office hub emerges

Those enthusiasts who might have hoped for Skype to be present on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS from Microsoft should reconsider their options. The Dan Neary, Asia Pacific vice president for Skype, said during an event in Sydney that the company had no plans on offering a software solution for the handsets powered by the new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, the company didn't unveil specific reasons for this decision, yet Dan Neary did say that Skype would focus on the development of its VoIP solution for devices powered by the iPhone, Symbian and Android operating systems. Moreover, it seems that the company is working on new solutions for the iPhone, iPad and Android based phones, a recent article on smarthouse reads.

While there are no details on what determined Skype to drop the development of its solution for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS, WMPoweruser suggests that the decision might have been influenced by the difficulties the development for the new OS rises, as the process is tied to Silverlight and XNA. On the other hand, the lack of multi-tasking in the OS might be a strong reason for the move, not to mention that the market performance of the platform is still uncertain.

On the other hand, this is not an official announcement from the company, and things might turn out to be different in the end. After all, Windows Phone 7 does promise to offer a different approach to the mobile phone experience, when compared to the previous versions of the OS, and it might appeal a lot to users when the first devices land on the market, something that will determine developers to rethink their strategy.

In case Skype won't arrive on Windows Phone 7, those who will adopt the platform will still have a lot of catchy features to enjoy. Among them, we can count the integration between the OS and Microsoft's Office Mobile 2010 solution, which can be previewed in the video below. The clip was published by igeticom, and shows the Office hub on WP 7, along with the broadcasting of a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to the smartphone.

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