Skype Is Now Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatible

New version available for download

Skype, the free and popular software that enables users to chat, make calls over the Internet and transfer files, is not compatible with Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile 6.1 OS for Pocket PCs.

The new version of the software, namely, is freshly released and it finally allows owners of Windows Mobile 6.1 devices to "get their Skype on". Besides the WM 6.1 compatibility, Skype doesn't seem to bring other improvements, hence there is no change log or anything like it that needs to be presented to users.

The new version of Skype can be downloaded from here, either on your desktop PC or directly on your Windows Mobile 6.1 handset.

In case you don't know yet, there are two main conditions that your Pocket PC must meet in order to properly run Skype. These are:

- at least 12MB of free memory if you're installing the application directly on the handset or 6MB if you do it on a memory card;

-3G connectivity and/or Wi-Fi.

Released by Microsoft at the beginning of April, Windows Mobile 6.1 is only a small upgrade when compared to the previous 6.0 version. Among the new things that WM 6.1 brings, we have a redesigned home screen interface, a new Pocket Internet Explorer with zoom and page overview, Bluetooth enhancements (like auto-pairing), better Instant Messaging features (which will surely help those who use Skype), Wi-Fi and email improvements and so on.

Lots of new handsets were released with Windows Mobile 6.1 and many more are yet to come. From the ones already on the market, we must mention HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung Omnia, Asus P320 and Palm Treo 800w, while from the upcoming ones Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and HTC Touch Pro will surely attract lots of users.

Moreover, a wide range of WM 6.0 handsets can be upgraded to the 6.1 version of the OS: AT&T Tilt, Motorola Q 9h, HTC Mogul, HTC Touch, Samsung i760, Samsung Ace and so on.

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