Skype 2.6 Arrives on Windows Phone 8

The application comes with various call and notification reliability improvements

Today, Skype announced a new flavor of their mobile client for Windows Phone 8 devices, namely Skype 2.6, with arrives as a minor update, it seems, though still packs a nice range of enhancements.

The new app release was pushed out with various improvements to the reliability of chat and call notifications, as well as with enhancements to calls made to phone numbers.

At the same time, the new flavor of the software comes with a fix for the missing message previews that sometime affected the recent conversations list.

“In this release we focused on further increasing the reliability of chat and call notifications, improving reliability of calls to phone numbers and resolving occasional missing message preview in the recent conversations list,” Skype notes in a recent blog post.

The application has already been published to the Windows Phone Store, though it might not appear to all users right from the start. Those who won’t see the new software version available right away should check again for its availability, as it might take up to 24 hours for it to emerge in all markets.

The development team behind the app also notes that Skype 2.6 for Windows Phone 8 still has a series of issues that haven’t been resolved, as of now.

One of them involves getting two notifications for a message from a Messenger contact, while another results in calls still ringing when answered on a different device, or ended by the caller.

Apparently, users won’t be able to sign in with a Microsoft account that isn’t joined to a Skype account, and might also experience video interruptions when the call is sent to the background.

Reading a message on Windows Phone doesn’t mark it as read on other devices, the team notes, adding that all calls that have been received when the application was closed appear as audio calls.

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