Skyfire Horizon Promises a Great Mobile Browsing Experience

A new platform for toolbars and extensions on mobile devices

Skyfire, leading provider of cloud solutions for the mobile industry, has announced the release of Skyfire Horizon, a new platform for the mobile browser.

Embedded in mobile device browsers at partner carriers, the company’s toolbar and extension platform can deliver a level of intelligence to the browsing experience that is not available at the moment.

Through Horizon, users will have the possibility to personalize their mobile browser with a series of social extensions, utilities and various in-browser applications that can adjust content based on the browsing context.

Skyfire’s Horizon comes with carrier-grade technology and was made available for wireless carriers around the world. It enables users to easily move between apps and content, while also enabling sharing to social networks.

“Horizon offers one-click access to the Web’s most popular social networks, content and utilities like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, IMDB and Amazon, among many others,” Skyfire notes.

“Skyfire Horizon is an upgrade from the traditional linear mobile browsing experience, with dynamic searching and sharing tools that match the user’s instinctive thought process. For example, if the user is browsing a new movie trailer and clicks the IMDB extension, an in-browser window will appear with information on that movie.”

Horizon also comes with a “personal shopper for offers” powered by Blue Kangaroo, so that users can shop on their mobile devices and receive alerts on deals from brands they are interested in.

Third-party developers can also take advantage of the new platform, which enables them to easily come up with extensions for mobile phone users to enjoy.

“Our Horizon browser extension platform grows out of learning from over 15 million Skyfire app downloads on Android and iPhone, and now we’re bringing a carrier-grade platform to mobile operators and OEMs worldwide,” Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of Skyfire, says.

“Horizon lets users customize their browsers with the confidence that the offered extension library won’t slow down their browser nor drain performance, and that the user experience elegantly appears and disappears with a flick, to make the most of screen real estate.”

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