Skyfire 4.0 for Android Adds New Features

Today, Skyfire announced the release of Skyfire 4.0 for Android, a new flavor of the popular mobile browser, which comes with a nice range of new features, including personalization options for the SkyBar toolbar, and more.

The company added a total number of eight new features to the mobile browser, one of which would be premium in-app purchase for enabling its Video feature, based on Skyfire’s cloud-based servers, and other features more.

Another important fact that the company announced regarding the Skyfire browser was the fact that all existing users will be “grandfathered,” which means that they would enjoy free access on their devices for the lifetime.

The mobile browser was launched in the Android Market in April last year, and already has a number of over 3 million users.

One of the main enhancements included in the new release would be the fact that Skyfire’s SkyBar toolbar is now scrollable and customizable, now with full Twitter, Groupon and Google Reader integration, and more.

The browser's video optimization would be available for $2.99, unlockable via an in-app purchase. However, it would be offered for free to all Verizon customers downloading Skyfire 4.0 for Android. The browser can be found via the V Cast Apps section in the Android Market.

The complete list of new features that Skyfire 4.0 for Android includes is available below.

Customizable SkyBar – Skyfire’s toolbar is now configurable and expandable, enabling users to create their own flavor of Skyfire experience. With the new scrollable SkyBar, users now have access to fourteen Skyfire features and have the ability to enable, disable and position each button as they see fit.

Twitter – Login to the ‘Twitter’ Button to have one-touch access to Twitter streams. Tweet, search, and check in with the Twittersphere without leaving the Skyfire browser. (And yes, watch videos shared on Twitter with just one click.)

Groupon – With the ‘Groupon’ Button, the SkyBar is now delivering nearby deals so you can do a quick check on the deal of the day at all times.

Share – Easily share websites, articles, pictures & videos with the touch of the ‘Share’ button, a feature previously accessible through the Skyfire menu.

Google Reader – Use the ‘Google Reader’ Button to keep up with feeds from your favorite sites. Google Reader keeps you in the know by constantly checking your favorite news sites and blogs for new content.

Sports, News & Finance – Three new buttons, ‘Sports’, ‘News’ & ‘Finance’, have been added to the SkyBar to bring one-touch access to the latest events.

Settings – The ‘Settings’ button could easily be labeled the ‘Customize’ button. Use this to enable, disable or position SkyBar features to your personal preferences.

Skyfire 4.0 for Android is already available for download via the Android Market here.

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