“Skyfall” Shatters International Box Office Records

23rd James Bond installment is set for greatness, industry insiders estimate

As predicted, the 23rd James Bond installment, “Skyfall,” is taking no prisoners at the box office: opening in 25 foreign countries this weekend, it has literally shattered international box office records.

The film is yet to arrive in the US, where it opens on November 9, but the international tally is more than enough to predict an extraordinary future for the film.

“Skyfall” made $77.7 million (€60.2 million) in its opening weekend, AceShowbiz reports, with almost half that money coming from Bond’s home country, the UK.

“According to the film’s international distributor Sony, this figure gives ‘Skyfall’ the second highest opening weekend sales in history falling behind the 3D-enhanced ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II’,” the e-zine notes.

Since “Skyfall” did not come with a premium 3D ticket price, the achievement is all the more impressive.

For those who have not had the chance yet to see it in cinemas, for one reason or another, here’s my review. “Skyfall” is a must-see by all means.

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