Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Convicted for Punching Greek Lorry Driver

The supersonic man was found guilty of assault, after punching the victim

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner made history with his Stratos record-breaking jump last month, but, soon after, the supersonic man proved he is not immune to road rage.

Baumgartner, a former boxer, of British and Austrian nationality, was driving in his home town of Salzburg, Austria, in September 2010, when he got into a quarrel that ended in violence.

The victim, known only as Dimitrios P., as the Daily Mail presents him, a 38-year-old Greek lorry driver, claims Baumgartner was trying to cut the line. He had pushed ahead of the queue, went around four vehicles, only to get stuck in a roundabout.

“I was waiting at a roundabout and there were about four cars in front of me. He didn't want to wait and overtook us all and then of course got wedged on the roundabout. [...] The other driver that was involved was his photographer - and he felt that he could also do the same and followed Mr Baumgartner, at which point I decided to have a word with the photographer,” Dimitrios stated.

The lorry driver confronted the motorist, which is when Baumgartner jumped in to help his photographer friend.

“Mr Baumgartner decided that it was his job to get involved and he tried to claim I had attacked him and it was self-defence, but this is madness. […] There were two of them. The reality is that he punched me full in the face with his fist and left me with a cut,” the victim said.

Baumgartner was charged with assault, found guilty, appealed the court's decision, then found guilty again, yesterday, November 6. He was ordered to pay a €1,500 ($1,930) fee.

The victim is very disappointed with the “supersonic man,” believing his conduct faulty.

“He was just acting the tough guy and showing off and making himself the hero, but he isn't a hero at all,” he says.

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