SkyDrive App Out Today, December 11, for Xbox 360

View photos, videos and files stored on the service by using your Xbox 360

Microsoft has confirmed that it's going to deploy a special SkyDrive application for the Xbox 360 later today, December 11, allowing users of the online storage service to watch their photos or videos right on the console.

SkyDrive is Microsoft's answer to the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive and allows users to store all sorts of files on it, from photos to videos, documents and all sorts of other things.

Now, SkyDrive users will soon be able to check out their files on big screen TVs by using the Xbox 360 console and a new application designed for the online service.

"The entirely new SkyDrive experience for Xbox 360 spotlights your photos and videos," the company said on its website.

"The app connects the cloud to your Xbox and TV: every photo, video, movie, and other file you put in SkyDrive from Windows or the web will be available on your Xbox-connected TV. Your Windows Phone is also now connected to Xbox and every photo you snap can be available on your TV automatically."

The SkyDrive app goes live later today, December 11, at around 10am PST. According to Microsoft, it's been enhanced to provide three core functions: the possibility of seeing photos and videos, the automatic updating with content from Windows-powered smartphones, and a special function called Party Slide Show.

Check out all the details below, as highlighted by Microsoft.

- "Shared photos & videos. Share a meaningful event with your friends or family by viewing photos & videos on your TV, or view photos & videos others have shared with you through SkyDrive. Imagine being able to view cherished photos and videos shared by friends and family —like a musical performance, a kid’s birthday, or baby’s first steps—on your TV."

- "Snap and see. For Windows Phone users, snap a picture and see it appear almost immediately in your camera roll on the big screen. This feels like magic! For example, you could take a quick snapshot of your child making a funny face, fire up the SkyDrive app on your Xbox, and view it right away on your 50” screen. Just make sure you’re using the same Microsoft account sign-in for both Xbox LIVE and your Windows Phone."

- "Party slide show. Plan a great slide show to play in the background of a dinner party. For example, you could start a slide show of a recent trip for friends, or have holiday-themed photos and videos playing during a holiday party."

What's more, the SkyDrive application for the Xbox 306 also supports the Kinect sensor, meaning you can use your voice or gestures to interact with your files.

Check out the SkyDrive app in action on the Xbox 360 in the video below.

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