Skunk Ape, Bigfoot's Cousin Spotted in Florida – Video

A skunk ape was spotted in Sarasota County in March

A man claims that he has captured footage of a skunk ape, a mysterious and elusive creature which has been connected to the Bigfoot legend.

The skunk is allegedly a large smelly ape that is often spotted in Florida and North Carolina. However, no scientific confirmation of its existence has been reported.

According to the Sun Sentinel, this particular specimen was seen in Sarasota County in March. It was spotted by Mike Falconer and his family. 45-year-old Falconer and his son even tried to approach the beast.

He managed to get close to the animal and snap photos of it on the camera of his iPhone. Unfortunately, as it usually happens in these cases, the images are grainy and you cannot make out the species of the animal.

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