Skrillex Sets His Hair on Fire at Birthday Party – Video

Famous DJ parties in Los Angeles, has slight mishap

World famous DJ Skrillex has become the latest celebrity to find out that, you know, fire burns. He was partying it up in Los Angeles the other night, when his hair caught on fire from a candle on his birthday cake.

Video of the incident is above, so make sure to check it out.

Skrillex, real name Sonny Moore, bended over the turntable-shaped birthday cake to blow out the candles, when his hair got too close to the flame and lit up.

Luckily, someone saw it happen and alerted the DJ in the nick of time. Neither he nor anybody else was harmed in the incident and, judging by the DJ’s reaction, he wasn’t upset about it either.

Sometimes, in these situation, it’s best to have a healthy sense of humor – Sharon Osbourne is confirmation of that, after she set her Beverly Hills mansion on fire a few hours ago by forgetting to blow out a candle before retiring for the night.

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