ScrewTube Hits YouTube

New service with similar features

Recently, YouTube has been attacked from all over the world with similar services able to provide the same functions as the Google online video sharing service. Today, a new product hits the market with the same functionality as YouTube but with some different goals. ScrewTube, an upcoming video service that will allow users to upload their own clips, currently restricted on YouTube. According to TechCrunch, the new product aims to lure users to publish pornographic and sexual related clips that are now removed from YouTube, the leader of the online video sharing services. Although some users might find the service morally wrong, it is currently only a single page that enables visitors to subscribe to the product and remain up-to-date with the latest news concerning the product.

Now, the matter is a little bit complicated because more and more companies are aiming to develop their own products, similar to YouTube and able to attract a similar segment of users. ScrewTube is not quite an innovation for the Internet because PornoTube was released a long time ago and offers almost the same functions as the upcoming product: allows users to upload their home generated content and share it with other members for free.

YouTube feels the threat and puts the employees to work because the Google product needs some new features and functions to boost the number of visitors. Take the example of GodTube, a similar YouTube service that wants to lure Christians to its official page, enabling them to upload and share clips. Soon after the official release of GodTube, YouTube created a special channel hosted on the page that aims to attract bishops and offer them Church related content.

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